The audio files here are digitally recorded sermons preached by Mitchell Brown (and a few of the congregation's men when they fill in) at the IWV Church of Christ during Sunday services.

The audio files are in MP3 format and are playable on any computer or device that has the proper application. There is also a podcast for this page located here.

Special sermon series meant to be listened to together are posted here.

As Mitch will often say in his introduction "Please open your Bible and see if these things are so". We encourage you to download, listen, and learn about God, His Church, and how He wants us to live our lives. We believe you'll find wisdom from God's Word in these recorded sermons to help you with your life on this earth and to prepare you for Eternal Life.

Sermon Title Speaker Date Service Time Sermon Handout
From Beginning to the End of the YearMitch Brown01/04/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Overcoming Life's ProblemsMitch Brown01/04/2009EveningPDF of Handout
What God DoesMitch Brown01/11/2009MorningPDF of Handout
How to Increase in LoveMitch Brown01/11/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Influences on InterpretationMitch Brown01/18/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Of First ImportanceMitch Brown01/18/2009EveningPDF of Handout
How Do You Know The Bible Is God's Word?Mitch Brown01/25/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Matthew 22Ken Zurn01/25/2009EveningNone
Problems with Evolution-1M. Brown02/01/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Christians Advantages-1 Heb.Ch1-6Mitch Brown02/01/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The Lord your GodMike Ashton02/08/2009MorningNone
PraiseKen Zurn02/08/2009EveningNone
Problems with Evolution-2Mitch Brown02/15/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Christian Advantages-2 Heb. 7-10Mitch Brown02/15/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Nostradamus vs. Biblical ProphecyMitch Brown02/22/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Christian Advantages 3 Heb.10-13Mitch Brown02/22/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Possessing the Mind of christMITCH BROWN03/01/2009MorningPDF of Handout
CHANGESWill Gossett03/01/2009EveningNone
The pure in heartMitch Brown03/08/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The law of faithMitch Brown03/08/2009EveningPDF of Handout
A Conversion Check ListMitch Brown03/15/2009MorningPDF of Handout
As Shining LightsMitch Brown03/15/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Fools for christMitch Brown03/22/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The fear of strange thingsMitch Brown03/22/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The Holy SpiritRon Crawforth03/29/2009MorningNone
Conditional ThingsDave Grow03/29/2009EveningNone
CulpabilityMitch Brown04/05/2009MorningPDF of Handout
CulpabilityMitch Brown04/05/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The Silence of GodMitch Brown04/12/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Mockers With Their MockingMitch Brown04/12/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The Holy Spirit & GrowthMitch Brown04/19/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Applying All DiligenceMitch Brown04/19/2009EveningPDF of Handout
What to StressMitch Brown04/26/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Take Up Thy Bed and WalkJustin Ennis04/26/2009EveningNone
The Thief On The CrossMitch Brown05/03/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Value of Soul WinningMitch Brown05/03/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Seek First His Kingdom/ His RighteousnessMitch Brown05/10/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Prayer With PowerMitch Brown05/10/2009EveningPDF of Handout
A Man After God's Own HeartMitch Brown05/17/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Shroud of TurinMitch Brown05/17/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Response to "Is the Church of Christ a Good Biblical Church?" Part 1Mitch Brown05/24/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Response to, "Is the Church of Christ a Good Biblical Church?" Part 2Mitch Brown05/24/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Who is Hurt by My Unfaithfulness?Mitch Brown05/31/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Serving GodRon Crawforth05/31/2009EveningNone
Open Windows To GodMitch Brown06/07/2009MorningPDF of Handout
A Church Like...Mitch Brown06/07/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The Christian Life: A Study in PhilippiansMitch Brown06/14/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Wages of SinMitch Brown06/14/2009EveningPDF of Handout
A Study of Types in the ScripturesMitch Brown06/21/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Jonah: A Study in ResponsibilityMitch Brown06/21/2009EveningPDF of Handout
The True Believer in GodMitch Brown06/28/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Inquiring of the LordMitch Brown06/28/2009EveningPDF of Handout
"What the First Pope Taught"Mitch Brown07/05/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Growth: Acts PerspectiveMitch Brown07/05/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Christian HospitatityDan McClung07/12/2009MorningNone
God's Stance - HomosexualityKen Zurn07/12/2009EveningNone
The Church of the 21st CenturyMitch Brown07/19/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Our Hope in ChristMitch Brown07/26/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Our Security In Christ Mitch Brown07/26/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Discipline in the FamilyMitch Brown08/09/2009MorningPDF of Handout
When God Dosen't HearMitch Brown08/09/2009EveningPDF of Handout
No Other FoundationMitch Brown08/16/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Cart Before The HorseMitch Brown08/16/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Encouragement from HebrewsOberson08/23/2009MorningNone
Encouragement from HebrewsOberson08/23/2009ClassNone
The Heavens Declare God's GloryMitch Brown08/23/2009EveningPDF of Handout
No Room In The InnMitch Brown08/30/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Wicked and the RighteousJustin Ennis08/30/2009EveningNone
Missing the Mark Pt. 1 (Liberalism)Mitch Brown09/06/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Gospel of PaulMitch Brown09/06/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Missing The Mark - 2 (Liberalism)Mitch Brown09/13/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Allegory of John 10:1-16Mitch Brown09/13/2009EveningPDF of Handout
God Causes GrowthMitch Brown09/20/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Funeral ElementsMitch Brown09/20/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Making Oneself Useful to the MasterMitch Brown09/27/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The World is MadKen Zurn09/27/2009EveningNone
Cults: A Chaos of ReligionsMitch Brown10/04/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Elijah's Seemingly Selfish CommandMitch Brown10/04/2009EveningPDF of Handout
In the Valley but Not ForsakenMitch Brown10/11/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Value of MarriageMitch Brown10/11/2009EveningPDF of Handout
How Jesus MotivatesMitch Brown10/18/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Powers & False WondersMitch Brown10/25/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Lessons From A 60 Year Old ManDan McClung10/25/2009EveningNone
Abusing the Household of CorneliusMitch Brown11/01/2009MorningPDF of Handout
The Confrontation on Mount CarmelMitch Brown11/01/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Completeness of the SpiritMitch Brown11/08/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Dealing With TemptationMitch Brown11/08/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Enoch Walked With GodMitch Brown11/15/2009MorningPDF of Handout
Compliments Paid to God's PeopleMitch Brown11/15/2009EveningPDF of Handout
God's Provision - 2Mitch Brown11/22/2009EveningPDF of Handout
Tolerance and LegalismMitch Brown11/29/2009MorningPDF of Handout
CouponsDave Grow11/29/2009EveningNone
Philippians 1:1-30Mitch Brown12/06/2009MorningNone
PsalmsMitch Brown12/06/2009EveningNone
Philippians 1:12-20Mitch Brown12/13/2009MorningNone
Psalms 2:1-12Mitch Brown12/13/2009EveningNone
Philippians 1:21-30Mitch Brown12/20/2009MorningNone
Psalm 3:1-8 "Morning Prayer of Trust in God"Mitch Brown12/20/2009EveningNone
Philippians 2:1-11Mitch Brown12/27/2009MorningNone
Nehemiah and his FaithRon Crawforth12/27/2009EveningNone
Philippians 2:12-18Mitch Brown01/03/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalm 4 "Evening Prayer of trust in God"Mitch Brown01/03/2010EveningPDF of Handout
Philippians 3:1-11Mitch Brown01/10/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Phil 3:12-21Mitch Brown01/17/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalms 6Mitch Brown01/17/2010EveningPDF of Handout
Philippians 4:10-23Mitch Brown01/31/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Right and Wrong Forms of RighteousnessTom Russell01/31/2010EveningNone
1 Peter 1:1-12Mitch Brown02/07/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalms 14:1-7Mitch Brown02/07/2010EveningPDF of Handout
1 Peter 1:13-25Mitch Brown02/14/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalms 15 " A True Worshipper in Zion "Mitch Brown02/14/2010EveningPDF of Handout
1 Peter 2:1-10Mitch Brown02/21/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalms 19:1-14Mitch Brown02/21/2010EveningPDF of Handout
1 Peter 2:11-15Mitch Brown02/28/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Life Goes OnDick Arruda02/28/2010EveningNone
1 Peter 21: 1-25Mitch Brown03/07/2010MorningPDF of Handout
1 Peter 3: 1-7Mitch Brown03/14/2010MorningPDF of Handout
1 Peter 3:8-17Mitch Brown03/21/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Psalm 30:1-12Mitch Brown03/21/2010EveningPDF of Handout
Gift of the Holy SpiritMike Ashton03/28/2010MorningNone
Christian FoundationsRichard Gossett03/28/2010EveningNone
I Peter 4:1-11Mitch Brown04/11/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 1:1-6Mitch Brown04/11/2010EveningNone
1 Peter 4:1-19Mitch Brown04/18/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 1:10-18Mitch Brown04/18/2010EveningNone
1 Peter 5:1-5Mitch Brown04/25/2010MorningPDF of Handout
And Then SomeDave Guerreri04/25/2010EveningNone
1 Peter 5:6-14Mitch Brown05/02/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 2:1-11Mitch Brown05/02/2010EveningNone
The Manifold Grace of GodMitch Brown05/09/2010MorningNone
Ecclesiastes 2:11-17Mitch Brown05/09/2010EveningNone
2 Peter 1:1-4Mitch Brown05/23/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 2:18-26Mitch Brown05/23/2010EveningNone
Add To Your Faith - 1Mitch Brown05/30/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Add to Your Faith - 2 (Self Control, Perseverance)Mitch Brown06/06/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 3:1-9Mitch Brown06/06/2010EveningNone
Add To Your Faith - 3 (Godliness, Brotherly Kindness)Mitch Brown06/13/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 3:10-22Mitch Brown06/13/2010EveningNone
Add To Your Faith 4 - LoveMitch Brown06/20/2010MorningPDF of Handout
2 Peter 1:8-15Mitch Brown06/27/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Things vs. The SpiritDan McClung06/27/2010EveningPDF of Handout
2 Peter 1:16-21Mitch Brown07/04/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 5:1-9Mitch Brown07/04/2010EveningNone
2 Peter 2:1-11Mitch Brown07/11/2010MorningPDF of Handout
State of the UnionHarold Hadley07/11/2010EveningNone
2nd Peter 2:12-19Mitch Brown07/18/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 5:10-20Mitch Brown07/18/2010EveningNone
2 Peter 2:20 - 3:2Mitch Brown07/25/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 6:1-12Mitch Brown07/25/2010EveningNone
3 Things the world needs to knowKen Zurn08/01/2010MorningNone
ImagineGreg Watson08/01/2010EveningNone
Faith and WorksJustin Ennis08/08/2010MorningNone
Words of the BibleDave Guerrieri08/08/2010EveningNone
Daily LifeDave Grow08/15/2010MorningNone
Ecclesiastes 7:1-14Mitch Brown08/15/2010EveningNone
2 Peter 3: 3-9Mitch Brown08/22/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 7: 15-29Mitch Brown08/22/2010EveningNone
2 Peter 3:10-18Mitch Brown08/29/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 8: 1-8Mitch Brown08/29/2010EveningNone
Rejoicing AlwaysMitch Brown09/05/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Ecclesiastes 8:9-17Mitch Brown09/05/2010EveningNone
4 Things to TreasureKen Zurn09/12/2010MorningNone
Death of SinDave Guerrieri09/12/2010EveningNone
About the Church of Christ: Review of Evangelsim PamphletsMitch Brown09/19/2010MorningNone
Eccl 9:1-10Mitch Brown09/19/2010EveningNone
Evangalism Project: Test Your FaithMitch Brown09/26/2010MorningNone
Understanding God's Word - Part 2Mitch Brown10/24/2010MorningNone
Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:7Mitch Brown10/24/2010EveningNone
Evangelism Workshop PamphletsMitch Brown10/31/2010MorningNone
Ecclesiastes 12:8-14Mitch Brown10/31/2010EveningNone
God's Plan for Salvation Part 1Mitch Brown11/07/2010MorningNone
Is Baptism a Work?Justin Ennis11/07/2010EveningNone
Process of Salvation - Part 2Mitch Brown11/14/2010MorningNone
Faith Only DoctrineMitch Brown11/14/2010EveningNone
Thanksgiving to GodMitch Brown11/21/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Faith Only DoctrineMitch Brown11/21/2010EveningNone
Foundations #1 Loving The LordMitch Brown11/28/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Building Our LegacyWill Gossett11/28/2010EveningNone
Foundations #2 - The Goal of InstructionMitch Brown12/05/2010MorningPDF of Handout
The Holy Spirit - IndwellingMitch Brown12/05/2010EveningNone
Foundations 3 "Loving your Neighbor"Mitch Brown12/12/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Holy Spirit - The Gifts OfMitch Brown12/12/2010EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 4 "Personal Prayer"Mitch Brown12/19/2010MorningPDF of Handout
The Things God HatesMitch Brown12/19/2010EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 5 "Personal Bible Study"Mitch Brown12/26/2010MorningPDF of Handout
Merry ChristmasKen Zurn12/26/2010EveningNone
Foundations 6 "Spiritual Growth"Mitch Brown01/02/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Necessity of Baptism Part 1 (What Baptism Is)Mitch Brown01/02/2011EveningNone
Foundations 7 "Becoming Like Christ"Mitch Brown01/09/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Necessity of Baptism part 2Mitch Brown01/09/2011EveningNone
Foundations 8 "Spiritual Warfare"Mitch Brown01/16/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Self-Righteousness (A Bad Habit )Mitch Brown01/16/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 9 "Personal Evangelism"Mitch Brown01/23/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Some Things To LearnMitch Brown01/23/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Work of FellowshipMitch Brown02/06/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Evolution/AtheismMitch Brown02/06/2011EveningNone
Foundations 12 "True Worship"Mitch Brown02/13/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Evolution and Atheism part 2Mitch Brown02/13/2011EveningNone
Foundations 13 "The Lord's Supper"Mitch Brown02/20/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Evolution and Atheism part 3Mitch Brown02/20/2011EveningNone
Foundations 14 "Prayer In Assembly"Mitch Brown02/27/2011MorningPDF of Handout
"Evolution and Atheism" part 4Mitch Brown02/27/2011EveningNone
Foundations 15 "Singing in Assembly"Mitch Brown03/06/2011MorningPDF of Handout
VirtuesDan McClung03/06/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 16 "Stewardship"Mitch Brown03/13/2011MorningPDF of Handout
What Manner Of ManMitch Brown03/13/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 17 "Group Bible Study"Mitch Brown03/20/2011MorningPDF of Handout
As Unto The LordMitch Brown03/20/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 18 "Confession and Fasting"Mitch Brown03/27/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Blessing GodMitch Brown03/27/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 19 "Order and Manners in Worship"Mitch Brown04/03/2011MorningPDF of Handout
RegenerationMitch Brown04/03/2011EveningNone
Foundations 20 "Church Discipline"Mitch Brown04/10/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Antichrist & 666Mitch Brown04/10/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 21 "The Imperishable Word"Mitch Brown04/17/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Psalm 110: Messianic Priest-KingMitch Brown04/17/2011EveningNone
Foundations 22 "Mans's Problem - God's Plan"Justin Ennis04/24/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Blood of RedemptionDave Guerrieri04/24/2011EveningNone
Foundations 23 "The Godhead"Mitch Brown05/01/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Prodigal FatherMitch Brown05/01/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Foundations 24 "Inspiration of the Scriptures"Mitch Brown05/08/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Awesome Sacrifice of the Son of GodMitch Brown05/08/2011EveningNone
Foundations 25 "Authority"Mitch Brown05/15/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Awesome Sacrifice of the Son of God (part 2)Mitch Brown05/15/2011EveningNone
Foundations 26 "Old Testament Vs. New Testament"Mitch Brown05/22/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Awesome Sacrifice of the Son of God (part 3)Mitch Brown05/22/2011EveningNone
Foundations 27 "The Thief on the Cross"Mitch Brown05/29/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Seasoned With SaltWill Gossett05/29/2011EveningNone
Foundations 37 " Hell and Judgement"Mitch Brown06/05/2011MorningPDF of Handout
The Christian Life - 1Mitch Brown06/05/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Face of JesusMitch Brown06/12/2011MorningNone
The Christian Life - 2Mitch Brown06/12/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Justice and Mercy of GodMitch Brown06/19/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Taking ControlMitch Brown06/19/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Crises of FaithMitch Brown06/26/2011MorningNone
Spiritual Report CardLes Doty06/26/2011EveningNone
Depending on the LordMitch Brown07/03/2011MorningPDF of Handout
A Family for the LordMitch Brown07/03/2011EveningPDF of Handout
How Saints WalkMitch Brown07/10/2011MorningNone
Idle WordsMitch Brown07/10/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Joy of ServiceMitch Brown07/17/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Don't Look BackMitch Brown07/17/2011EveningNone
Amazing GraceMitch Brown07/24/2011MorningPDF of Handout
From Dry Bones - LifeMitch Brown07/24/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Adorning the GospelMitch Brown07/31/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Grace and MercyDon Blachly07/31/2011EveningNone
The Imputation Of RighteousnessMitch Brown08/07/2011MorningNone
The gods Men ServeMitch Brown08/07/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Giving God LeftoversMitch Brown08/14/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Fallen From GraceMitch Brown08/14/2011EveningNone
Zeal For God's HouseMitch Brown08/21/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Total CommitmentMitch Brown08/21/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Against All OddsMitch Brown08/28/2011MorningNone
Romans 12: Directions For Our LivesRon Crawforth08/28/2011EveningNone
The Value of MarriageMitch Brown09/04/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Who is Hurt By My UnfaithfulnessMitch Brown09/04/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Why Families Need the BibleMitch Brown09/11/2011MorningNone
What Draws Men To ChristMitch Brown09/11/2011EveningNone
Will All Good People Go To Heaven?Mitch Brown09/18/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Clay In The Potter's HandMitch Brown09/18/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Holding Back From GodMitch Brown09/25/2011MorningPDF of Handout
What's In It For Me?Dave Grow09/25/2011EveningNone
Which of the Two?Mitch Brown10/02/2011MorningPDF of Handout
A Study of the HandsMitch Brown10/02/2011EveningNone
Was ( is ) Jesus Deity ? part 1Mitch Brown10/09/2011MorningNone
Why Is There Suffering?Mitch Brown10/09/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Was (is) Jesus Deity? - Part 2Mitch Brown10/16/2011MorningNone
Glorifying God In The ChurchMitch Brown10/16/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Was (is) Jesus Deity - Part 3Mitch Brown10/23/2011MorningNone
The Second ComingMitch Brown10/23/2011EveningPDF of Handout
Scary Creatures in the BibleMitch Brown10/30/2011MorningPDF of Handout
PanentheistsDave Geurreri10/30/2011EveningNone
True Knowledge and its EffectsMitch Brown11/06/2011MorningPDF of Handout
What God CausesMitch Brown11/06/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Types of WorshipMitch Brown11/13/2011MorningPDF of Handout
What Kind of Plant are You?Mitch Brown11/13/2011EveningPDF of Handout
These Things Are Precious - 1Mitch Brown11/20/2011MorningPDF of Handout
These Things Are Precious - 2Mitch Brown11/20/2011EveningPDF of Handout
These Things are Precious - 3Mitch Brown11/27/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Actions to Live ByWill Gossett11/27/2011EveningNone
Why We Lose our Young PeopleMitch Brown12/04/2011MorningPDF of Handout
Who can Blame if Lost?Mitch Brown12/04/2011EveningPDF of Handout
"As Shining Lights"Mitch Brown12/11/2011MorningPDF of Handout
"Faith Healers part 1"Mitch Brown12/11/2011EveningPDF of Handout
"Counting the Cost"Mitch Brown12/18/2011MorningPDF of Handout
"Faith Healing - 2"Mitch Brown12/18/2011EveningPDF of Handout
"Importance of the Church"Mitch Brown12/25/2011MorningPDF of Handout
"Seven Gifts"Dan McClung12/25/2011EveningPDF of Handout
The Prophecies of ChristMitch Brown01/01/2012MorningNone
The Person of the Holy Spirit - 1Mitch Brown01/01/2012EveningNone
Bible Authority (Introduction)Mitch Brown01/08/2012MorningPDF of Handout
Are You Putting Me On?Mitch Brown01/08/2012EveningPDF of Handout
Of First ImportanceMitch Brown01/15/2012EveningPDF of Handout
Authority 3 - EstablishingMitch Brown01/22/2012MorningPDF of Handout
FornicationMitch Brown01/22/2012EveningPDF of Handout
What if you live?Justin Ennis01/29/2012MorningNone
Convicted - The Third CommandmentRon Crawforth01/29/2012EveningNone
Authority - 4 "Modification"Mitch Brown02/05/2012MorningPDF of Handout
The Process of ForgivenessMitch Brown02/05/2012EveningPDF of Handout
Authority - 5 "Examples"Mitch Brown02/12/2012MorningPDF of Handout
A Fountain openedMitch brown02/12/2012EveningPDF of Handout
Article From Victory Baptist ChurchMitch Brown02/19/2012MorningNone
Giving Glory to GodMitch Brown02/19/2012EveningPDF of Handout
"Diety of the Holy Spirit-2"Mitch Brown02/26/2012MorningNone
"Pornography"Mitch Brown02/26/2012EveningNone
Monitoring Our LanguageMitch Brown03/04/2012EveningNone
A Christian OathWill Gossett03/11/2012MorningNone
Little SinsDick Arruda03/11/2012EveningNone
FellowshipMitch Brown03/18/2012MorningPDF of Handout
God, give me Patience - NOW!!!Mitch Brown03/18/2012EveningPDF of Handout
The Procession of the Holy Spirit-3Mitch Brown03/25/2012MorningNone
Gambling vs. StewardshipMitch Brown03/25/2012EveningNone
The Bible as HistoryMitch Brown04/01/2012MorningPDF of Handout
If Christ Was Not RaisedMitch Brown04/01/2012EveningPDF of Handout
The Bible As A Law ReferenceMitch Brown04/09/2012MorningPDF of Handout
The Day of PreparationMitch Brown04/09/2012EveningPDF of Handout
The Bible: A Psychology GuideMitch Brown04/15/2012MorningPDF of Handout
Being Like ChildrenMitch Brown04/15/2012EveningPDF of Handout
The Bible: A Science TextMitch Brown04/22/2012MorningPDF of Handout
Cut and Paste ReligionMitch Brown04/22/2012EveningPDF of Handout
The Work of the Holy Spirit: Pt. 4Mitch Brown04/29/2012MorningNone
Jesus Gives Spiritual FoodJustin Ennis04/29/2012EveningNone
The Bible As: A Teacher's ManualMitch Brown05/06/2012MorningPDF of Handout
WorryMitch Brown05/06/2012EveningNone
The Bible As: A Salvation OmnibusMitch Brown05/20/2012MorningPDF of Handout
Peer PressureMitch Brown05/20/2012EveningNone
The Bible As: A Societal ModelMitch Brown05/27/2012MorningNone
God's Word Comforts MeDave Guerrieri05/27/2012EveningNone
The BeatitudesMitch Brown06/03/2012MorningNone
"Unity of Spirit"Mitch Brown06/03/2012EveningNone
The Parable of the SowerMitch Brown06/10/2012MorningNone
"Parables" pt. 2Mitch Brown06/17/2012MorningNone
Proverbs 1:1-19Mitch Brown06/17/2012EveningNone
Hebrews 1:1-2:4Mitch Brown06/24/2012MorningNone
The Parable of the VineyardRon Crawforth06/24/2012EveningNone
1st Corinthians 13Mitch Brown07/01/2012MorningNone
Matthew 7 "Judging"Mitch Brown07/01/2012EveningNone
Phillipians 2:1-13Mitch Brown07/08/2012MorningNone
Psalms 2Mitch Brown07/08/2012EveningNone
1 Pet. 3:8-18Mitch Brown07/15/2012MorningNone
1 Cor. 10 : 1-13Mitch Brown07/15/2012EveningNone
2nd Peter 3 : 3-18Mitch Brown07/22/2012MorningNone
Colossians 2: 8-19Mitch Brown07/22/2012EveningNone
John 1 : 1-18Mitch Brown07/29/2012MorningNone
Four Essentials of Soul SavingMitch Brown07/29/2012EveningNone
ExcusesMike Ashton08/05/2012MorningNone
Do you have something better to doJustin Ennis08/05/2012EveningNone
Lessons from JamesMitch Brown08/12/2012EveningNone
2 Peter 1:1-11Mitch Brown08/19/2012MorningNone
Marriage LawMitch Brown08/19/2012EveningNone
Jn. 3:11-21Mitch Brown08/26/2012MorningNone
On the wrong roadRichard Gossett08/26/2012EveningNone
Romans 12:9-21Mitch Brown09/02/2012MorningNone
Revelation 1Mitch Brown09/02/2012EveningNone
Romans 1:19-25Mitch Brown09/09/2012MorningNone
Galatians 3:15-29Mitch Brown09/09/2012EveningNone
Colossians 3:8-17Mitch Brown09/16/2012MorningNone
Romans 13Mitch Brown09/16/2012EveningNone
James 3:13-4:10Mitch Brown09/23/2012MorningNone
Matthew 18:12-20Mitch Brown09/23/2012EveningNone
Proverbs 1:20-33Mitch Brown09/30/2012MorningNone
"The Purpose of Law"Ron Crawforth09/30/2012EveningNone
Phillipians 3:7-16Mitch Brown10/07/2012MorningNone
Psalm 91Mitch Brown10/07/2012EveningNone
Romans 6:3-14Mitch Brown10/14/2012MorningNone
Psalms 94: 8-17Mitch Brown10/14/2012EveningNone
Philippians 4:4-13Mitch Brown10/21/2012MorningNone
Extra-Marital Intimacy & AbortionMitch Brown10/21/2012EveningNone
Ephesians 5:1-17Mitch Brown10/28/2012MorningNone
The Book of JamesWill Gossett10/28/2012EveningNone
Doctrines of DemonsMitch Brown11/04/2012MorningPDF of Handout
HomosexualityMitch Brown11/04/2012EveningNone
1 John 5:1-12Mitch Brown11/11/2012MorningNone
How to Treat One AnotherMitch Brown11/11/2012EveningNone
Romans 8:28-39Mitch Brown11/25/2012MorningNone
James 2:1-13Joe Bickley11/25/2012EveningNone
Basic ChristianityMitch Brown12/02/2012MorningNone
Sermon from Luke 7Mitch Brown12/02/2012EveningNone
Psalms 15Mitch Brown12/09/2012MorningNone
Perilous Times - Part IMitch Brown12/09/2012EveningPDF of Handout
1 Corinthians 1:18-31Mitch Brown12/16/2012MorningNone
Perilous Times - 2Mitch Brown12/16/2012EveningPDF of Handout
Hebrews 5:1-14Mitch Brown12/23/2012MorningNone
Treasure in HeavenMitch Brown12/23/2012EveningNone
Self ExaminationMitch Brown12/30/2012MorningNone
"Ring" LessonsDan McClung12/30/2012EveningPDF of Slides
Hebrews 13:7-16Mitch Brown01/06/2013MorningNone
Warning LabelsMitch Brown01/06/2013EveningNone
The AttitudeMitch Brown01/13/2013MorningNone
Psalms 1Mitch Brown01/13/2013EveningNone
Galatians 5:16-25Mitch Brown01/20/2013MorningNone
Racism & The ScripturesMitch Brown01/20/2013EveningNone
Ephesians 2:1-10Mitch Brown01/27/2013MorningNone
Diversionary TacticsWill Gossett01/27/2013EveningNone
Hebrews 12:18-24Mitch Brown02/03/2013MorningNone
Pre-Marital RelationsMitch Brown02/03/2013EveningNone
Proverbs 30:1-9Mitch Brown02/10/2013MorningNone
The Bible As : A Family PreceptMitch Brown02/10/2013EveningNone
1 Peter 1: 13-25Mitch Brown02/24/2013MorningNone
PrayerHarold Hadley02/24/2013EveningNone
Matthew 6:5-15 "Pray"Mitch Brown03/03/2013MorningNone
Stumbling BlocksMitch Brown03/03/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Psalm 118: 19-29Mitch Brown03/10/2013MorningNone
The Bible As: A Business GuideMitch Brown03/10/2013EveningNone
Luke 12: 4-12Mitch Brown03/17/2013MorningNone
Capital PunishmentMitch Brown03/17/2013EveningNone
2 Corinthians 7: 8-13Mitch Brown03/24/2013MorningNone
From Heaven or Men?Mitch Brown03/24/2013EveningPDF of Handout
1 Corinthians 15: 50-58Mitch Brown03/31/2013MorningNone
Letters From Home (Heaven)Ron Crawforth03/31/2013EveningNone
Psalms 115:1-11Mitch Brown04/07/2013MorningNone
Near-sighted ChristiansMitch Brown04/07/2013EveningNone
Romans 15Mitch Brown04/14/2013MorningNone
The Ten Commandments RevisitedMitch Brown04/14/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Romans 8 - The New LawMitch Brown04/21/2013MorningNone
The Reality of Evil MenMitch Brown04/21/2013EveningNone
Ecclesiastes 12Mitch Brown04/28/2013MorningNone
Lessons from Paul's ConversionJustin Ennis04/28/2013EveningNone
1 Timothy 1:3-11Mitch Brown05/05/2013MorningNone
The Completeness of the SpiritMitch Brown05/05/2013EveningPDF of Handout
1 Timothy 2:1-8Mitch Brown05/12/2013MorningNone
God Causes GrowthMitch Brown05/12/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Daniel 2:36-44Mitch Brown05/19/2013MorningNone
Dealing With TemptationMitch Brown05/19/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Bible Authority: An IntroductionMitch Brown05/26/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Setting an ExampleRichard Gossett05/26/2013EveningNone
2 Cor 3:9-18Mitch Brown06/02/2013MorningNone
Enoch Walked with GodMitch Brown06/02/2013EveningPDF of Handout
2 Corinthians 4:11-18Mitch Brown06/09/2013MorningNone
ControversyMike Ashton06/09/2013EveningNone
Psalm 23Mitch Brown06/16/2013MorningNone
"God's Provisions" part 1Mitch Brown06/16/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Mt. 24:32-42, 45-46Mitch Brown06/23/2013MorningNone
God's Provisions part 2Mitch Brown06/23/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Psalm 93:1-13Mitch Brown06/30/2013MorningNone
Personal Work MotivatorsDan McClung06/30/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Philippians 1:12-20Mitch Brown07/07/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Was (Is) Jesus Deity? - Part 1Mitch Brown07/07/2013EveningNone
1 Thessalonians 4:9-18Mitch Brown07/14/2013MorningNone
Was (Is) Jesus Deity? - Part 2Mitch Brown07/14/2013EveningNone
A Church Like...Mitch Brown07/21/2013MorningPDF of Handout
No Room In The Inn?Mitch Brown07/21/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Hope & AccountabilityWill Gossett07/28/2013EveningNone
Legallizing Sin Does Not Change ItMitch Brown08/04/2013MorningNone
God's Unique HouseMitch Brown08/04/2013EveningNone
Powerful PrayerMitch Brown08/11/2013MorningNone
There is a Difference (in Prophecy)Mitch Brown08/11/2013EveningNone
Total CommitmentMitch Brown (Ronny Milliner, CW)08/18/2013MorningPDF of Handout
"What can one man do?"Mitch Brown08/18/2013EveningNone
Is Life Worth Living?Mitch Brown08/25/2013MorningNone
Elders and the Kingdom of GodHarold Hadley08/25/2013EveningNone
The Value of Soul WinningMitch Brown09/01/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Jesus as a NeighborMitch Brown09/01/2013EveningNone
What the Cross Brings - IMitch Brown09/08/2013MorningPDF of Handout
The Church of the 21st CenturyMitch Brown09/08/2013EveningPDF of Handout
What the Cross Brings - 2Mitch Brown09/15/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Supplying My PartMitch Brown09/15/2013EveningNone
The Heavens Declare the Glory of GodMitch Brown09/22/2013MorningPDF of Handout
ACTS: The Opposition to GrowthMitch Brown09/22/2013EveningNone
Making Oneself Useful to the MasterMitch Brown09/29/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Marriage - as God createdJustin Ennis09/29/2013EveningNone
Cults: A Chaos of ReligionsMitch Brown10/06/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Dealing with TemptationMitch Brown10/06/2013EveningPDF of Handout
I Believe In JesusMitch Brown (CW Mike Willis)10/13/2013MorningNone
Study to be ApprovedMitch Brown10/13/2013EveningNone
Powers & False WondersMitch Brown10/27/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Sheep and the ShepherdRon Crawforth10/27/2013EveningNone
Tolerance & LegalismMtich Brown11/03/2013MorningPDF of Handout
ExpediencyMitch Brown11/03/2013EveningNone
CulpabilityMitch Brown11/10/2013MorningPDF of Handout
Self-Righteousness (A Bad Thing)Mitch Brown11/10/2013EveningPDF of Handout
The Process of SalvationMitch Brown11/17/2013MorningNone
Walking HumblyMitch Brown11/17/2013EveningPDF of Handout
Did the Father Abandon Jesus?Mitch Brown11/24/2013MorningNone
The Importance of the ChurchMitch Brown12/01/2013MorningPDF of Handout
All These Things Shall Be Added To YouMitch Brown12/01/2013EveningNone
Could Jesus Have Sinned?Mitch Brown12/08/2013MorningNone
When Was The Kingdom Established?Mitch Brown12/08/2013EveningNone
Understanding God's Word: How to Read the Bible (Part 1)Mitch Brown12/15/2013MorningNone
Understanding God's Word: How to Read the Bible (Part 2)Mitch Brown12/15/2013EveningNone
Blessing GodMitch Brown12/22/2013MorningPDF of Handout
The Imputation of RighteousnessMitch Brown12/22/2013EveningNone
MannersMitch Brown12/29/2013MorningNone
Preaching and TeachingDan McClung12/29/2013EveningNone

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